Grey’s Anatomy’s Sarah Drew Says She’d Want to Be Cristina If She Weren’t April
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Grey’s Anatomy’s Sarah Drew Says She’d Want to Be Cristina If She Weren’t April

What if the Grey’s Anatomy cast all traded roles? It’s hard to imagine anyone else playing our favorite characters, but it totally could’ve happened. Imagine this: Sarah Drew as Cristina Yang instead of April Kepner. Sounds completely crazy, right? But in a recent interview with TV Addict, Sarah revealed that she would totally be up for it if she wasn’t already April.

“I think it would be fun to play Cristina because she is so different from me,” Sarah said. “That would be a fun challenge.”

Yeah, that would definitely be a challenge. We’re sure that Sarah would rise to the occasion, but now that we know her as April, we can’t picture her barking orders at interns and being so ruthless in the OR. Sandra Oh deserves a lot of props for taking on such a difficult (but awesome) role.

And if April seems like a character that was totally made for Sarah, you’re right — she was!

“I didn’t actually audition for this role,” Sarah admitted. “I had worked for Shonda before and she wrote this role for me. It was only supposed to be a two episode guest spot, but after my second episode aired, they called me and told me they wanted me back as a potential series regular. That was some pretty incredible news!”

Shonda, can you please write a role for us? Something that involves a lot of scenes with Jesse Williams (Jackson Avery).

Can you picture Sarah playing Cristina? Let us know what you’re thinking below!

Source: TV Addict