Bachelor Season 17’s Sarah Herron Calls Out Flight Attendant for Offending Her
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Bachelor Season 17’s Sarah Herron Calls Out Flight Attendant for Offending Her

Does anyone enjoy flying? We certainly don’t, and we doubt there’s anything positive to say about the experience, unless you’re obsessed with tiny bags of pretzels. However, Bachelor Season 17 contestant Sarah Herron had a particularly unpleasant interaction with a flight attendant today.

Sarah took a plane to Denver on April 4 on Frontier Airlines, and after her flight, she tweeted that she was offended by one of the flight attendants. Sarah explains that, after she “politely” asked the person next to her to help place her luggage in the overhead bin, the flight attendant “condescendingly” told her, “maybe you should check your suitcase next time if you can't lift it into a bin on your own.”

Confused what the problem is? She was born with amniotic band syndrome, which amputated her left arm in utero. While she proved on The Bachelor how tough she is — competing in roller derby, jumping off a building, and being on TV in the first place — she really shouldn’t have to prove anything while she’s supposed to be relaxing on vacation.

Sarah called out the flight attendant on Twitter, writing “In the future, please don't humiliate me in front of an airplane full of passengers for something I can't help.” The airline’s Twitter feed has responded, thanking Sarah for the feedback and adding that “we'll be sure and pass along.”

It’s ridiculous that Sarah had to endure this kind of treatment on her flight, and we admire Sarah for speaking out about the incident. She’s such an awesome person that the only annoyances she should have to go through on a plane trip are the ones we all go through, like getting seated next to a screaming baby, and asked to “stop drinking other people’s drinks.”

What are your thoughts on Sarah’s incident?

Source: Sarah on Twitter

04.4.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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