Sarah Herron: “I’m Not as Insecure as I Appear” on Bachelor in Paradise
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Bachelor in Paradise

Sarah Herron: “I’m Not as Insecure as I Appear” on Bachelor in Paradise

During the third episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Sarah Herron — one of the few ladies on the show not knocking crazy out of the ballpark — broke character and treated viewers to a cryfest that made us all worry she’d soon be joining the ranks of her bikini-clad sisters peeing circles around the menfolk, professing undying love for near-strangers, and practicing resting bitch face.

When faced with a possible love triangle between herself, Michelle Money, and Robert Graham, Sarah seemed to crumble into a gooey pile of insecurities before our eyes. Twitter immediately rushed to her side to bolster her confidence, but Sarah is now coming out to say “slow your roll guys, I’m fine.”

In her Parade blog, BiP’s sweetheart says “I’m actually not as insecure as I appear on the show.” She explains that being on BiP is a lot harder than being on The Bachelor because of “the pressure to form meaningful relationships so quickly.” While viewers see the drama play out over seven episodes, the show itself was filmed in just three weeks. According to Sarah, that film schedule is the equivalent of “walking into a bar single and walking out with a boyfriend.” Um, Elise Mosca fails to see the problem

She says that what viewers didn’t get to see was the “breakthrough” she had after the “breakdown.” Sarah realized that, “Michelle and I are both incredible women, but very different, and Robert was lucky for getting to choose between the two of us. I was at peace with the girl I’d been with Robert, and I could only hope he liked what he saw in me. If he didn’t, well then screw it.” Amen, sistah friend!

Viewers also missed out on Sarah deciding to “take back what was mine” by marching her tushy on over to Robert’s bungalow when he got back from his double date with Michelle, and stealing him away to the beach for some champagne. Take that, Jillian Harris, who sent Sarah shade for having the sads. Sarah is lonelygirl15 no more!

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Source: Parade