Sarah Herron: Not Sold on Brooks Forester?
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The Bachelorette

Sarah Herron: Not Sold on Brooks Forester?

It’s hard to believe but The Bachelor Season 17 contestant Sarah Herron was once a wallflower. She spent years as the girl without the date, making it all the more special when Sean Lowe picked her for the first 1-on-1 date of the season. And because she knows what it’s like to be the first contestant thrown into the spotlight, her views on Desiree Hartsock’s Episode 2 1-on-1 choice, Brooks Forester, were all the more interesting to us.

“You can imagine my excitement (no, excitement is an understatement — disbelief) when Sean Lowe asked me on the first date of the season,” she wrote in her blog.

Sarah couldn’t believe her luck when Sean whisked her away in a helicopter, still stunned that “the hottest boy at the dance was asking me to dance,” so to speak. But she’s not sure Desiree Hartsock’s choice, Brooks Forester, understood the importance of that first pick.

I wonder if Brooks felt this way about getting the first 1-on-1 date? I’d like to think so but I highly doubt it,” Sarah says. Why so suspicious? After all Brooks did fist pump (the international sign of being stoked) after getting his date card and so far seems like a frontrunner.

The only thing he seemed to be impressed by was the show for pulling together the most romantic date he could never come up with on his own minus the bridal shop yawn,” she continues.

Sarah Herron: Not Sold on Brooks Forester?
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Being the first 1-on-1 is something special, Sarah explains. She says that her own 1-on-1 was “the most magical day of my life,” and being chosen first made her feel “like the most special and beautiful girl in the world.” We didn’t get half that sort of emotion from Brooks (fist pump notwithstanding).

Sure Brooks is, in Sarah’s words, “a decent guy who I admittedly overlooked initially” but he’s got some work to do. But then again, Sarah may be a little biased, since she has an acquaintance who once dated the Salt Lake City FitMarketing rep.

“Apparently he’s a pretty genuine, down to earth dude, and they call him ‘9.5’” Sarah says of their mutual pals. But don’t think she’s endorsing the near perfect rating. She added, “(their rating, NOT MINE).”

What would you rate Brooks? Do he and Des fit as well as it seems or does Sarah have a point? Tell us what you think.

Source: Sarah Herron’s blog