Sarah Herron: “The Bachelor Ruined My Life!”
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The Bachelor

Sarah Herron: “The Bachelor Ruined My Life!”

Sarah Herron has been single and ready to mingle since she was rejected by Sean Lowe's pulsing pectoral muscles on The Bachelor Season 17, and she's more than ready to settle down with the love of her life. Many of Sarah's fellow Bachelor rejects have gone on to find true love since being ousted from Sean's harem, but Sarah still hasn't found the man of her dreams — which is shocking considering that she's completely gorgeous!

This gal decided to join Tinder (a dating app frequented by the likes of Jef Holm and the tenth Bachelor, Andrew Firestone) in the hopes of meeting a man, and let's just say things didn't go well. The first dude that Sarah made a connection with (we'll call him Eric...because it's his name) ended up rejecting her after watching some Bachelor clips online — you know, the ones where she's sobbing about love? Yeah, those.

"A million thoughts of hurt, disappointment, rage and bitterness ran through my head," Sarah writes on her blog. "The first being; 'Once again, a guy doesn’t want to get involved with me because I have one arm and I'm too 'different.' He doesn’t want to be seen with me, I’d embarrass him, etc. etc.' My second thought was; 'The Bachelor ruined my life and any hope I'll ever have of meeting anyone ever again!'"

Pshhh, please. The Bachelor is the best thing that's happened to all of our lives, including Sarah's. Luckily, home girl realized this fact, and feels a whole lot better about things. After going on a NSFW rampage about how much she loathes Eric, Sarah said, "Like being kept through a Rose Ceremony when you had no intention of keeping me, I appreciate being let go sooner than later... He messed with the wrong girl."

Hear that, Eric? Sarah is taking zero prisoners in her war against Tinder Trolls, and you're going down! Oh, and by the way — it's only a matter of time before this bombshell finds her prince charming. She's so feisty and hilarious!

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06.26.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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