Sarah Herron Throws Shade at Emily Maynard: “Too Good to Be True”

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Sarah Herron Throws Shade at Emily Maynard: “Too Good to Be True”

Sarah Herron stood out to us on The Bachelor Season 17, mostly because she was beautiful, honest, and seemed like she’d fit into our girl gang just peachily. And it looks like we were even more right than we knew. The gorgeous Cali girl was eliminated by Sean Lowe in a fit of tears, followed by an awkward green mile down the hotel hallway and into an unmarked van. It was awkward.

But it seems that Sarah’s Bachelor experience has added even more piss and vinegar to her sassy pants. And lucky for all of us, we get to experience that each week on her new blog, Bach-Chat, where she’ll detail the happenings on The Bachelorette as her castmate Desiree Hartsock looks for love in a sea of hashtags and half-clothedness. But while we’re enjoying her critique of the guy who looks like he “probably tried to give himself a blow job” and other memorable creatures, it seems no one’s safe.

While critiquing cutie pie Ben Scott (“I predict he's at the top of everyone's bracket right about now”), Sarah made reference to the fact that with his southern charm, hotness, and pure delightfulness, he may part of a producer play. Namely, extended season previews seem to be setting him up to be less delightful later on. You know, like practically perfect except for all that he does wrong. So, who did she choose to compare him to? Um, Emily Maynard.

“Call me a skeptic,” Sarah writes, “but usually those who seem too good to be true only go by one name and it’s Emily Maynard.” Wow. Emily is pretty much untouchable as far as fan love goes — you know, except for rumors about infidelity, accusations that she’s faking her whole perfect Southern girl thing, and criticism from people who still blame her for her break-up with Jef Holm.

Is this a case of haters gonna hate, or is she right about our boy Ben? And if that comparison is truly apt, does that mean he’ll be the next Bachelor if Des doesn’t pick him?

Source: Sarah Herron’s Blog

05.29.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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