Sarah Herron Says New Arrival on BiP Could Change Everything With Robert
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Bachelor in Paradise

Sarah Herron Says New Arrival on BiP Could Change Everything With Robert

While we want all most of the cast members to find love on Bachelor in Paradise, there’s one we’re rooting for in particular: sweet Sarah Herron. We feel like we’ve been on a roller coaster with the gal who “just wants to make out with a guy,” which is why our nails are chewed down to the quick thanks to her blog about next week’s Episode 6. She hints there’s trouble ahead for her adorable relationship with Robert Graham, which has us weeping in our piña coladas.

Though their romance has blossomed slowly, Sarabert are sweet and seem well suited for each other. So what could possibly come between them? Well, two new Bachelors ride the waves into Paradise next week, and one of them leaves Sarah feeling giggly as a school girl.

In her Parade blog she reveals next week’s episode contains “a day I’ve been dreading to watch.

A new guy joins the house — and potentially ruins everything for Robert and I [sic]. If there had been Xanax in Paradise I would have been popping them like Tic Tacs.” Dang girl, we wish we had some chill pills to loan you but we’re plumb out!

Sarah goes on to say that the new guy is a fella she’d been crushing on pre-Paradise, “someone I had been hoping would be there since day one. When the reality set in that he wasn’t coming, I closed the door on that hope and started developing feelings for Robert. You can’t begin to imagine the nervousness I felt when I saw him walking up the beach.” We’re nervous just reading about it!

The new arrival makes her question everything, like: “do I take a chance on pursuing my crush and ruining a great thing with Robert? Or do I stay with the incredible guy I’ve been building an amazing relationship with?” To that, we ask, does she really have to choose? Marquel Martin didn’t, and that seemed to work out well for him, right? Oh, never mind. Good luck Sarah!

If you wanna know who’s got Sarah’s heart aflutter, then you can read some spoilers here. Hint: His name rhymes with Fooks Borester.

Do you think Sarah should stick with Robert or pursue her crush on the new guy? Tell us below!

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