Sarah Herron Spills Her Weight Loss Secrets For Bachelor in Paradise
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Bachelor in Paradise

Sarah Herron Spills Her Weight Loss Secrets For Bachelor in Paradise

You know how when you and your friends are watching The Bachelor or Bachelorette, comments like “why do they all look so great?” and “I would have to diet for months to go on this show” often get thrown around? Well, it appears the contestants ponder the same questions before going on their respective shows; current Bachelor in Paradise star Sarah Herron is now opening up about her struggle to get in HD-ready shape.

As difficult as it would be for any guy or gal to get that fit that fast — just think of all those booty and ab close-ups! — it was even more difficult for Sarah, who has to work around her physical limitation of having one arm, caused by a birth defect.

“I’ve struggled my whole life to find an interest in fitness due to the physical limitations I face,” Sarah shared this week with SoulCycle’s blog. “The challenge of finding workouts that I can actually do, enjoy, and stay motivated through has always been tough.”

That meant passing on those calorie-burning cycling classes Sarah’s friends were flocking to. “I learned to ride a bike as a kid and have no trouble, but the thought of needing to balance while riding a bike, standing up, has always frightened me,” she says.

But after signing up for BiP, the 27-year-old decided her fear of looking bad in a bikini alongside “impossibly good-looking men and women” outweighed her fear of losing her balance on a stationary bike.

“It’s worth mentioning that when I’m not falling in love on reality TV, I work grueling hours in advertising. I eat, sleep, and drink at odd hours and physical fitness usually falls by the wayside. So to say my body was ‘TV ready’ is the biggest overstatement of my life,” Sarah explained.

Eventually, the blond beauty took the plunge and tried cycling out, and she’s now (like many a SoulCycler before her) “cultish-ly addicted.” And it’s no surprise: Her workout efforts certainly paid off!

“In the two months I prepped for Paradise, I not only lost five pounds, but also became leaner and firmer in places I never felt before... obliques!” Sarah revealed.

Girlfriend, you look fantastic. And Robert Graham clearly agrees with us.

Now that Sarah’s back in the real world post-Paradise, she’s keeping that tight figure. “When I returned from filming Paradise, I expected my addiction to SoulCycle to wane. Wrong! I craved it and had withdrawals while I was away.”

OK, OK. Stop guilt-tripping. We’ll head to the gym tonight!

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Source: SoulCycle