Dancing With the Stars Pro Sasha Farber Picks His Season 17 Frontrunners — Exclusive
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars Pro Sasha Farber Picks His Season 17 Frontrunners — Exclusive

Sasha Farber made a big impression on Dancing With the Stars audiences during his first season as a pro. Wetpaint Entertainment recently chatted with Sasha, and we couldn't resist picking his brain about Season 17 frontrunners, what he thinks of the new season, and more.

Check out what Sasha had to say about the season below. And for more of his thoughts on working with Snooki, check out the other half of our interview here.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Who do you think the frontrunners are right now?

Sasha Farber: It's hard to say. I'm so happy that Bill and Emma are doing so well. Bill is just bringing it. If you look at his Week 1 videos until now, he's changed so much. I feel like sometimes if you have dance experience, you're going to look the same from Week 1 to whatever week it is. But I feel like Bill, because he's learning from zero to 100, he improves every week, which is amazing. It's great to watch, and that's why he's doing so well.

I feel like Jack and Cheryl are doing great, too. Jack is such an amazing person. I call him the "Fun Facts," because he always has some sort of fun fact to share. That man knows everything about everything! It's great. And Cheryl is doing such a great job with him, and, once again, he hasn't had dance experience, so you get to see him grow every week, which is amazing.

Corbin and Karina are also doing great. He's such a strong partner and one of the nicest guys. I thought their Argentine Tango was amazing. Karina's doing such a great job with him. And Derek and Amber! They also did a great number [in Week 8]. I got to be one of the sailors in their Rumba, which was quite funny.

I feel like it's anyone's competition at the moment. It could go personality, or it could go dance skills. It's a TV show, so you never know! There are so many big personalities.

Obviously, this season also featured a big format change. How do you think the new format is working?

I was part of the Tuesday show a lot last season, but this season I feel like it's a great choice, because you get everything in one show. It was weird — we would dance and then bam, elimination in the same day, the same hour. It just happens so quickly. But I feel like they've got the best of everything in one whole episode now. I feel like it flows well.

There have also been some guest judges this season. What have you thought of that?

I think Len is such a nice guy, I'm a good friend of his, but it's interesting to have someone different. It's a great idea, it definitely adds excitement to the show — especially Cher last week. I wished I was still competing so she could look at Nicole and have a comment about me. And Julianne did an amazing job, too. It keeps it interesting and exciting if they have a new judge each week.

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