Saturday Night Live Bids Stefon Farewell With Fabulous Wedding
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Saturday Night Live Bids Stefon Farewell With Fabulous Wedding

Bill Hader has graduated from Saturday Night Live and he's taking our beloved Stefon with him.

That's right, everyone. You're now on your own when deciding what sketchy New York City nightclub to venture to during the summer.

But after the very fitting farewell the SNL writers gave Stefon, fans can know that Stefon will live happily ever after with "Weekend Update" host Seth Myers.

You heard me correctly, Stefon and his longtime crush Seth. After getting into a little fight, Stefon ran off to marry none other than CNN's Anderson Cooper, but Seth, like the knight in shining armor that he is, swooped in and valiantly won Stefon back.

Just wait until you see Stefon's wedding party, which is complete with smurfs, human traffic cones (when two jacked midgets paint themselves orange and you have to parallel park between them), and DJ Baby Bok Choy. Even host Ben Affleck, who plays Stefon's brother, was there to support his bro through the whole ordeal. Seriously, everything was perfect.

We will all miss Stefon, but back in the real world, Bill seems ready for the big leagues when he moves to Los Angeles.

"The nature of SNL is that it's so in-the-moment," Bill said. "I feel like I'm going to wake up in August and turn to my wife and say 'Was I really on SNL? It went by so fast."

Source: New York Daily News

05.19.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Carson Blackwelder
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