Cynthia Bailey Says NeNe Leakes Is Her “Worst Enemy” (VIDEO)
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Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia Bailey Says NeNe Leakes Is Her “Worst Enemy” (VIDEO)

Is it weird that we find friendship breakups even worse than romantic splits? While most of us didn’t blink an eye when Porsha Williams divorced Kordell Stewart — OK, mostly because he was kind of controlling and mean — but we are so broken up over the end of NeNe Leakes and Cynthia Bailey’s friendship.

NeNe stopped by Andy Cohen’s clubhouse for a one-on-one after the Season 6 finale and said some pretty irreversible things — namely that Cynthia wasn’t a loyal friend and that she didn’t bring anything to the show. Ouch. And during last night’s April 27 ep of Watch What Happens Live, Andy gave Cynthia the platform to respond to those statements.

“I want people to know that, again, I was a very loyal friend to NeNe,” Cynthia begins. “However, I’m actually glad that she did that show with you because it actually validated that she was never my friend, that she’s actually my worst enemy.”

Note Andy’s face here as he says “really?” in response. This was our exact reaction to the TV screen. Not only are they not friends anymore, they’re enemies? How could it have all gone so horribly wrong?

Cynthia has a good explanation to backup her heavy statement:

“For her to go on national television and say such things is just unheard of. So what, we’re not talking anymore? So that means now all of a sudden I can’t be on the show because you don’t think I should be on the show? NeNe doesn’t control my destiny, God controls my destiny. And I was relevant before the show, I’m relevant on the show, and I will be relevant after the show.”

Truth. Stay strong Cyn, lots of people still love you! And we may have reached the point of no return for these two to be friends again, but we’re holding out hope that one day they can at least be civil like NeNe and Kim Zolciak.

What do you think of Cynthia calling NeNe her enemy? Do you agree? Tell us in the comments below.

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