Kailyn Lowry Says She Gained 50 Pounds During Her Pregnancy
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Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn Lowry Says She Gained 50 Pounds During Her Pregnancy

Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry has been on a major fitness and health kick since popping out her second son, Lincoln Marshall Marroquin — which makes sense considering that she gained a pretty large amount of weight during her pregnancy.

This week, fans saw Kailyn take a trip to her OB/GYN during Teen Mom 2, and he informed her that she was gaining a whopping 1.5 pounds per week! Sure, Kailyn seemed pretty shocked by her weight gain, but clearly her doctor is an Alfredo-loathing hater. Let the woman eat!

Kailyn's been doing a fabulous job dropping her unwanted pregnancy pounds, and she recently hit up Twitter to tell fans exactly how much weight she gained with Isaac and Lincoln.

"25 lbs my first one. 50 or so for my second," she revealed.

Most pregnant women gain around 35 pounds or so during their pregnancy, but Kailyn's weight gain isn't necessarily excessive. Let's not forget that our lord and savior, Beyonce, gained a whopping 60 pounds when she was pregnant with Blue Ivy, and look at her now!

We think Kailyn looked amazing during her pregnancy (despite packing on a few more pounds than advisable), and she looks better than ever circa right now.

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