Scandal Season 3 Premiere: Bellamy Young Teases “Incredible Episode”  With Olivia Pope and Her Father — Exclusive
Scandal Season 3 Premiere: Bellamy Young Teases “Incredible Episode”  With Olivia Pope and Her Father — Exclusive
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Grey's Anatomy

Scandal Season 3 Premiere: Bellamy Young Teases “Incredible Episode” With Olivia Pope and Her Father — Exclusive


The Season 2 finale shocked everyone (literally everyone) when Olivia Pope was confronted by her estranged father moments after it was revealed that she had been carrying on an affair with President Grant.

Wetpaint Entertainment had the pleasure of speaking exclusively with actress Bellamy Young (who plays the Prez’s scorned but calculating wife Mellie) at the 2013 TCAs and she told us that Season 3’s premiere episode is better than she ever could have imagined.

Read on for Bellamy’s thoughts on the future of Fitz and Mellie’s relationship and much more!

Wetpaint Entertainment: Season 2 ended on a really interesting note.

Bellamy Young: That one syllable bullet of "Dad," is going to ripple through the chamber and into everybody's television. It takes off like a house on fire from the very first moment of Season 3.

Do tell.

You will not be able to believe it. I mean, just finding out how Rowan and Olivia could be father and daughter is crazy enough, but you're going to find so much out about how Olivia got to be Olivia Pope. It's an incredible episode, and of course, I'm just trying to put the lid on everything.

Every time you think that Mellie is out of the game, Mellie is back in.

Never underestimate Mellie.

So where is their relationship when we pick up?

Literally, we just found out, and it's just a hideous, hideous month. We're really in crisis mode. So I am trying to lock down the White House and try to figure out what my options are.

What are her options at this point?

Mellie's never without a card to play, as you'll see, she plays her cards very shrewdly. She's quite the strategist.

Are you surprised, because this seems like a corner, again that you've painted yourself into?

Look, I worry because I don't have the gift of story. So every time we do a table read, and it's euphoria and chaos, and the best thing I've ever read, and we can't wait to make it into a little movie for everyone else to love like we do. I just sink into a deep panic that they'll never be able to write anything that amazing again, and every week, I sit down, and they do. They write something that raises the bar on themselves. So now, I never take it for granted. Heaven knows, that I'm starting to trust that they are just gifted.

What are some of the arcs that you can already see forming this season?

Golly. It's funny because they have this deft way of allowing everyone to very much remain who they are, very true to self, but taking them completely out of their element. So it's fun to play as an actor because you come to know this person very, very well, and you meet her every day at the limits of her existence, like really at the panic time. And that's really what you'll see keep playing out. People being themselves, but in vastly different roles. Everyone's very different this year, and yet very much who they are. I know that seems sort of vague, but Shonda would shoot me.

Is the Presidential couple a united front? Can we say that?

No. I wouldn't go that far.

Do we still focus on the case of the week, or is the first episode just dealing with the bigger picture?

I think Shonda has built this beautiful hybrid that allows for the character development of ongoing personal interactions, but also led by a metaphorical, throbbing, alive story of the week situation. So I think that's been a successful model for us, and I think that will continue to be so.