Credit: Richard Cartwright / ABC

When we last left Olivia Pope and the Scandal team, things were looking pretty grim for… everyone. While we’re a little distracted about Huck possibly getting ready to kill Quinn, worried that Cyrus’s marriage is destroyed thanks to his plan with Mellie, and wondering what murderous rage Rowan Pope will go on in the next coupla days, we’re most focused on one person: Olivia’s mom who, turns out, isn’t quite so dead as she’s supposed to be.

At the end of the Season 3 Episode 8, Maya (Liv's mom) had attacked the attending nurse who was supposed to be giving her an injection of something, and fled to Liv’s apartment. So, when we pick up in Season 3 Episode 9, “YOLO,” Olivia will have a lot to process.

In two sneak peek clips from the episode, Olivia makes the first phone call we’d make if we were ever in the situation: one to Huck. And while she’s understandably freaking out, we can’t imagine that Olivia Pope stays frazzled for long. Check out what happens when she calls Huck.

In the second sneak peek, OPA has assembled and is grilling Mama Pope pretty harshly, considering the woman just escaped from being imprisoned for 22 years. And we’re totally with Harrison in his freak out. Would you be more of the Abby or Liv in this situation? Watch the clip and then tell us below.

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