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Scarlett Johansson Shows Off Giant Baby Bump Leaving the Gym! (VIDEO)

Scarlett Johansson’s been keeping mum about becoming a mum — but that bump doesn’t lie! The 29-year-old bombshell was spotted leaving the gym with her fiancé, French journalist Romain Dauriac, so we think it doubtful that it’s a food baby hiding under Scarlett’s gray hoodie.

The two lovebirds hit the gym in Paris, where they’ve settled down. “The nice thing about being in Paris is that you know everybody’s looking at what you’re wearing: You have an audience, you know?” she told Vanity Fair (via E! News) of her move to the City of Light. “New York is about street style that’s functional. A Paris look is not functional!” she added, workouts not withstanding.

We can hardly wait to see how Scarlett embraces her new curves in the months to come. We estimate the fashionista is about six or seven months along at this point since rumors the stork stopped by began circulating in early March. That said, Scarlett’s baby bump is a bit larger than we’d expect for her to be able to pull off her role in current project Black Widow. You know, the one where she wears a skin-tight black bodysuit?

Keep watching the video above to see Scarlett and her hubby-to-be. Then head below to tell us what you make of that bump! Six, seven, eight months along?

Source: E! News