Scarlett Johansson in Glamour: “Don’t Call Me ScarJo — It’s Tacky” (VIDEO)
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Scarlett Johansson in Glamour: “Don’t Call Me ScarJo — It’s Tacky” (VIDEO)

While we might be crazy for celebrity nicknames, it doesn’t mean the stars in question are. That goes double for Scarlett Johansson, who admitted recently that she’s not so much for being referred to as “ScarJo.”

“I associate that name with, like, pop stars,” Scarlett told Glamour in her interview for the May 2014 cover. “It sounds tacky. It’s lazy and flippant… there’s something insulting about it.”

And furthermore, Scarlett’s also sick of female celebrities being treated differently than males when it comes to the questions they’re most commonly asked… and the fact that they usually have to do with the way they look.

“Actresses get asked stupid questions of them all the time, like, ‘How do you stay sexy?’ or ‘What’s your sexiest quality?’” Scarlett said. “All these ridiculous things you would never ask a man.”

Scarlett’s got a point — and this mom-to-be is more than just a pretty face, despite the fact that people tend to think of Scarlett the way she was in Lost in Translation, when she first arrived on the scene.

“When I made Lost in Translation, I was 17,” Scarlett said. “Now I’m 29… That’s a normal side effect of being a young actor. You’re captured in a certain time of your life, and it’s hard for people to move past that.”

Source: Glamour via Entertainmentwise

04.10.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Nicole Pomarico
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