Scheana Marie on Brandi Glanville: “She Needs a New Storyline” — Exclusive
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Vanderpump Rules

Scheana Marie on Brandi Glanville: “She Needs a New Storyline” — Exclusive

Vanderpump Rules may have ended its second season a few weeks ago, but one of its stars is still the topic of conversation on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

With Brandi Glanville finally confronting Lisa Vanderpump in last night’s (March 10) Season 4 finale, Scheana Marie was on the tip of Brandi’s tongue not only for that episode, but also in her appearance on Watch What Happens Live later in the evening. So how does Scheana feel about Brandi’s constant attacks?

“I just feel that it’s so repetitive at this point,” Scheana exclusively tells Wetpaint Entertainment. “Everyone has moved on with their lives, including her. She’s a bestselling author, she’s a mother, she has two amazing children — just stop bringing up the past and being upset about it. She needs a new storyline.”

Brandi’s beef with Scheana stems from the SUR waitress having an affair with Brandi’s then-husband Eddie Cibrian — and Brandi definitely hasn’t buried that hatchet.

“The name-calling — calling me a hooker and a whore on Twitter and the show? Come on dude,” Scheana says. “You’re a mother! Just try for one second to have a little more class. The drunken pictures are bad enough that her kids will be able to Google one day, but you don’t have to keep attacking me verbally on the Internet and on TV. I’m over it.”

But what Scheana says bothers her the most is Brandi saying that she’s one of the reasons why Vanderpump Rules has been a success, claiming that Lisa arranged sit-downs between Brandi and Scheana in attempts to boost ratings. Scheana says this simply isn’t true.

“That’s a blatant lie,” Scheana says. “I sat down with her once, which we all saw in the first episode of Vanderpump Rules. There were no multiple times we sat down with each other. We ran into each other several times on- and off-camera, but we’ve never had a full conversation.”

Lisa Vanderpump’s spin-off killed it in the ratings for the last few episodes of Season 2, and Scheana notes that they did so without Brandi appearing on the show.

“I’m sorry, Brandi, but we don’t need you for our show,” Scheana continues. “Our cast collectively is amazing and that has absolutely nothing to do with Brandi. So for her to try and take credit for our success is pathetic.”

What do you think about Brandi and Scheana’s feud? Does Brandi need to move on or is her argument valid? Hit the comments and sound off!

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