‘Vanderpump Rules’ Stars Scheana & Mike Shay Divorcing After 2 Years — Report
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Vanderpump Rules

‘Vanderpump Rules’ Stars Scheana & Mike Shay Divorcing After 2 Years — Report


Call us crazy, but we weren’t giving up on Scheana Marie and Mike Shay’s marriage.

Aside from their amazing 2014 wedding — crop top wedding dress, anyone? — Vanderpump Rules’ first couple to tie the knot helped each other get in shape and him stay sober.

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Sadly, it might not have been made to last.

Or, at least, endure the struggles of former addict Mike’s alleged relapse.

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After weeks of rumors the spouses of two years were estranged, thanks to the music producer’s return to drinking and drugs, a new report claims their marriage is pretty much dunzo.

“Scheana and Mike are living separately at the moment. He’s been staying with his family,” a source tells In Touch.

But maybe they just needed a little time apart? Not so much, apparently.

The insider continues, pretty certainly, “They are headed for a divorce.”

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You figure something pretty terrible had to have happened for their relationship to be irreparable right?

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Depends on how you see things.

It sounds like the biggest problem at hand is a lack of trust and, well, financial drama. And it all started when Scheana noticed “a lot of money began disappearing from their joint bank account.”

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That indicated to the reality star something was off with her hubby, who many worried had disappeared a couple weeks back, before he turned up a few days later.

“Mike needs help,” the source details. But from what?

The insider shares, “Scheana believes that he’s drinking and smoking pot again.”

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“He insisted he’s sober and wants people to believe he’s innocent of everything. As much as Scheana loves him, she just can’t be with someone like that.”

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Fingers crossed he can get it together. These two have barely had a chance at their life together!