Are Scheana Marie and Mike Shay Already Thinking About Kids?
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Are Scheana Marie and Mike Shay Already Thinking About Kids?

Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Marie and fiance Mike Shay are all set to get married this summer. But are they already planning on starting a family soon, too?

Scheana definitely appeared to have babies on the brain when she posted a pic (at left) of an unnamed but adorable little girl to Instagram on April 6. "When @mikeshaymusic and I have a daughter, I pray she will look just like this!" Scheana captions the photo.

We must admit that the child in Scheana's photo does bear an uncanny resemblance to Scheana and Shay. Plus, the little girl is adorable, just as we're sure that Scheana and Shay's children would be.

However, a couple of Scheana's fans wanted to remind Scheana that a child's looks aren't the most important factor, as children need to be loved regardless of their appearance. But Scheana didn't intend to give the impression that she was only focused on her future child's looks.

"I'm not being vain," Scheana explains. "She simply looks like a mix of Shay and I." Well said, Scheana!

As for their nuptials, Scheana and Shay are tying the knot this July in the mountains outside of L.A. Ariana Madix and Pandora Vanderpump will both be in Scheana's bridal party.

Are you hoping that Scheana and Shay have kids soon?

Source: Scheana on Instagram