School Bus Monitor Suspended For Leaving a 5-Year-Old Unattended
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School Bus Monitor Suspended For Leaving a 5-Year-Old Unattended

School is a heavenly, magical place. Students may not think so, but for parents, it’s a place where they drop off their kids for hours so they can get their own work done, and then the children are returned to them, safe and sound, at the end of the day with (hopefully) increased intelligence about one or more subjects.

Unfortunately, that perfect system exposed a flaw recently when a school bus dropped a 5-year-old girl off at home after her first day at school with no one to care for her. The Associated Press (via The Seattle Times) reports that she was found more than an hour later wandering the streets of Rhode Island.

Antonia Dwyer tells WJAR that her daughter was supposed to be transported by van to a daycare facility after school that day, but due to a mix-up, the girl was left stranded. After more than an hour on her own, she was picked up by a pair of strangers who looked after her. The girl was not harmed.

Providence School Superintendent Susan Lusi says they have suspended the bus monitor pending an investigation, and are also examining the school dismissal procedures.

When we were in school, the bus monitor was an adult who sat on the bus and made sure everyone stayed in their seats. We’re not sure why this person would be suspended and held responsible, but we want to know who you think should be held responsible for this potentially dangerous mishap. Comment below.

Source: The Seattle Times

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08.30.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Emmalie Vance
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