Science Explains the Reason For Your Sweaty Summer Sex Drive
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Science Explains the Reason For Your Sweaty Summer Sex Drive

Cooling off in the pool and chilling in the a/c are two of our favorite pastimes come summer, but science claims that while some want to keep their core temp low, others are raring to steam up the windows with some sweaty summer sex.

With the summer sunshine flooding down, the beautiful flora in full bloom, and longer days, summer naturally attracts humans and perks our mood. We tend to spend more time outdoors drinking in the Vitamin D, so the first major reason for an increased sex drive is all that revealing clothing.

Some people tan at home on their deck or out in their fenced yard, but summer brings more people together at the park and especially at the beach. The increase in crowds means more people to greet and more excuses to keep seeing them day after day after day. The heightened sociability gives a major boost to your chances of getting sand in your bikini from a wild romp on the beach.

Of course, the only reason why you’re able to spend every waking hour seaside is because your classes are over or your stacked vacation hours had been busy melting “USE ME” in the snow since October.

LiveScience looked into the statistics for Facebook status updates during the summer with some interesting results. “For all three age groups assessed — under 25, 25 to 44, and 45 and over — the months May through August showed a big net increase in breakups, compared with net gains throughout much of the rest of the year.” The increase in breakups may mean more couples getting into trouble with extra relationships on the side.

Finally, more sun, longer days, and increased socialization also leads to more outdoor activity. "People may exercise more in the summer due to warmer weather and that can increase feelings of arousal, simply by the act of doing arousing activities," says Catherine Sanderson, a psychology professor at Amherst College in Massachusetts. Exercise releases endorphins, which are a natural feel good drug for your brain, which can really get you in the mood for some serious bed wrestling.

Summer lovin’ isn’t just a popular song lyric from Grease — there are real reasons why the steamy season attracts more lovers. Just a few more reasons to drag yourself out of bed before noon and hit the beach with your teeny weeny bikini and make new friends playing beach volleyball!

Source: LiveScience

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