Scott Disick Cutting Back on Partying in Time For Baby Number Three
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Scott Disick Cutting Back on Partying in Time For Baby Number Three

While pictures of Scott Disick hitting the bottle at nightclubs and reports of him getting cozy with women other than Kourtney Kardashian have been hitting the internet left and right, things may not be what they seem in the happy land of the Kardashian family.

A source tells TMZ that, despite the many photographs of Scott living it up while his pregnant girlfriend looks all the more angelic by comparison for her routine of work, family functions, and church, the family is doing well. In fact, Scott has reportedly cut back on his bad boy ways.

While Kourtney is still no fan of Scott’s drinking habits, the source claims that she’s completely fine with him going out to clubs, believing it’s all in a day’s work. An eyewitness reveals that, during his appearance at Harrah’s Pool After Dark on Saturday, Scott stayed sober, and received $50K at the end of the night for his troubles.

Although the recent reports of Kourtney kicking Scott out of their Hamptons rental are still troubling, we’re hopeful to hear that Scott may finally be getting things under control in time for baby number three.

Do you believe that Scott has his partying under control?

Source: TMZ