Scott Disick’s Drinking Spurred On By Grief, Says His Aunt
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Scott Disick’s Drinking Spurred On By Grief, Says His Aunt

In light of his reported hospitalization for alcohol poisoning, it’s clear that Scott Disick may be hitting the bottle a bit too hard, even for a seasoned partier.

While his overkill imbibing may be more than enough cause for concern, the reason behind his heavy drinking is no laughing matter either. According to his aunt, Scott’s drinking has been mainly fueled by grief over the recent deaths of his parents.

Scott’s aunt, Audrey Martone, tells that, despite his tough exterior, Scott is lost without his parents, Scott and Bonnie, who died within a few months of each other last year.

Scott lost both parents in a very short period of time, and I think being without them right now is a sad reminder," she says, adding, "Everyone has their own way of grieving.”

Scott’s wild ways have gotten him into plenty of hot water, between the hospitalization and reportedly gettingkicked out of the Hamptons rental he’d been sharing with pregnant girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian. However, sources close to the star report that he’s quit boozing since the scare.

He finally had to humble himself and say, 'Hey, I need help,’” an insider revealed to People. “It was a big step for him.”