Scott Disick Instagrams Risque Photo of Khloe Kardashian — Cute or Creepy?
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Scott Disick Instagrams Risque Photo of Khloe Kardashian — Cute or Creepy?

Despite an inauspicious start to their relationship, Scott Disick has proven himself to be a trusted friend and confidante to sister-in-law Khloe Kardashian during what is likely the most difficult year of her life.

If their habit of holding hands as they walk around town hasn’t proved it to a sufficient degree, Scott and his sort-of sister-in-law showed the world just how close they are when Lord Disick posted a very in-depth study of Khloe’s backside to Instagram.

The photo, taken during a Kourtney and Khloe’s recent trip to The Aerial Classroom in North Hills, California, may seem like a bit of a strange shot for an almost in-law to take, but the fact that Khloe and Scott can even stand to be near each other, much less take slightly lecherous photos of one another, just proves how far this weird family has come.

Back in 2010, in response to a Twitter user who said that Khloe was mean to Kourtney, Khloe responded, “I’m there 4 Kourt by not letting scott continue 2 hurt her … Scott has not been good 2 her so I need 2 c a REAL change before I feel comfortable letting Mase and Kourt around him.”

While Scott’s affectionate ways might make it seem as though he has romantic interest in Khloe, the family laughs off rumors about impropriety between Scott and the girls. In 2011, after tabloids reported that Scott was secretly in love with Kim Kardashian, Kim took to Twitter to make light of the ridiculous tall tale. “OMG @ScottDisick I had no idea u felt this way!” wrote Kim. “@KourtneyKardash we need to talk!”

Do you think Scott’s behavior with Khloe is inappropriate, or is he just giving her the brotherly affection she needs during her divorce?

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