Scott Disick Appears as Jesus in “The Last Supper” Spoof
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The Kardashians

Scott Disick Appears as Jesus in “The Last Supper” Spoof

Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend Kanye “I Am A God” West seems to be rubbing off on the Kardashian Krew. A photo credited to Scott Disick features Kourtney’s main squeeze at the center of “The Last Supper.”

For non-art history buffs, that’s Leonardo Da Vinci's 15th-century mural masterpiece featuring Jesus surrounded by his apostles the night before his arrest.

This newer version has a more lighthearted feel than the original, featuring the members of the Kardashian family breaking bread and spreading the word of E!. Oh and in case you were wondering, Kendall Jenner is saving Judas’ spot. Sorry, Kris Humphries.

Scott Disick Appears as Jesus in “The Last Supper” Spoof
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Although various outlets have claimed the photo is Scott’s handiwork, Zap2It reports that the pic is no stranger to the internet, with the image first appearing on the Keeping Up With Scott Tumblr last year. This makes sense seeing as latest and greatest addition North West is nowhere in the photo.

When “The Last Supper: Revised” recently found its way to Scott, it promptly got deleted with no sign of it on Scott’s official Twitter or on the instagram letthelordbewithyou (Lord Disick claims he doesn’t have an Instagram, by the way).

The most surprising thing about this photo: If it is actually Scott’s work (and let’s be real, it probably isn’t), he’s got some mad Photoshop skillz. Maybe he should get into the Kardashian photo retouching business.

Sources: TMZ and Zap2It