Scott Disick and 18-Year-Old Lindsay Vrckovnik Vacation in Miami
Scott Disick out and about on the beach in Miami Beach.
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Scott Disick

Scott Disick and 18-Year-Old Lindsay Vrckovnik Vacation in Miami


It’s not unusual for a 30-something bachelor to hook up with a much-younger blonde — Leonardo DiCaprio has done that for almost a decade. But Scott Disick seems to be breaking the mold with his latest barely legal conquest by making the fling last for more than one night!


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When Kourtney Kardashian’s ex was spotted with 18-year-old college freshman Lindsay Vrckovnik last week in NYC, we were somehow both shocked and not surprised at all that the father of three would go so young. But we never thought it would be more than a one-time thing.


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Now, Scott is proving his model gal pal might be here to stay by taking her on vacation with him to Miami! In photos shared by TMZ, the 32-year-old reality star is seen getting extra cozy with Lindsay on South Beach:

And their fun together didn’t end on the beach, as the two were seen in a number of social media photos partying it up in almost no clothing — oh, except fur coats, of course.

Scott Disick and Lindsay Vrckovnik
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Look, far be it for us to say what two (technically) grown adults can and can’t do, but it’s clear Scott’s priorities right now are a little different from his baby mama’s, who has been spotted spending time with her kids and getting back into killer shape. Let’s just hope if Lindsay is around for a while, she’s good with kids!