Scott Disick’s Assistant Has the Last Laugh: Kourtney & Kim Take New York, Season 1, Episode 8
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The Kardashians

Scott Disick’s Assistant Has the Last Laugh: Kourtney & Kim Take New York, Season 1, Episode 8

If this episode was an immaturity contest, we’d be hard pressed to pick a winner.

Scott hires a new personal assistant, Dale, whom he treats like crap right out of the gate. (“White socks with black shoes isn’t gonna work for me,” Scott barks at him, before proceeding to tell him to shave off his goatee.) Our hearts go out to Dale right away — it’s a crappy economy, he was probably jonesing for a job in “the biz,” and the poor guy was probably being offered an arm and a leg to shovel Scott’s doodie. Glamorous? Not quite.

Dale abandons the white socks and shows up the first day looking like a mini-Scott. Tailored suit and tie, hair coiffed and slicked back, clean-shaven. Kim notices that Scott’s being a little hard on young, whipped Dale, and tells Scott to chill. “If I wanted a friend, I’d get a dog,” Scott says.

Meanwhile, Kim’s feeling pretty sensitive about Khloe and Kourtney excluding her even before Khloe arrives from L.A. for the opening of DASH. She and Kourt are at the hotel’s brasserie, Plein Sud, when Kourtney gets a call from Khloe, which she puts on speaker. Khloe says she has a funny story, but only wants to tell Kourtney. So Kourtney takes her off speaker and picks up while Kim is sitting there. Mature!

Scott gets a call from Men’s Fitness offering him the April cover. And it all goes straight to his head. Um, excuse us for noticing, but just two weeks ago we seem to recall him being in Paul Stuart and asking to try on a size 38 regular jacket. 38 regular? On the cover of Men’s Fitness? Really?

Scott Disick’s Assistant Has the Last Laugh: Kourtney & Kim Take New York, Season 1, Episode 8
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When Khloe arrives from L.A., the three sisters plan to head over to DASH to check for last-minute details. But before you know it, Kourtney and Khloe are there — without Kim. Kim looks like she’s going to cry throughout the whole show. Which isn’t so strange — Kim is a little bit of a crybaby and a drama queen, but we seriously think we would have cried too over the way Kourtney and Khloe were acting.

At the opening bash for DASH, Kourt and Khloe continue to exclude Kim in subtle and not-so-subtle ways. Kim tells Scott that she feels like she is “drifting” from her sisters. Scott, of course, tells Khloe and Kourtney and the three have a pow-wow and seem to work it out, though Kim still looks like she’s going to cry.

Meanwhile, Scott is at the Men’s Fitness shoot and life for poor Dale isn’t getting any easier. Scott sends him out to get him some underwear — boxers — and Dale *gasp* comes back with boxer briefs. And all hell breaks loose. Scott threatens to take Dale’s underwear, then calls him worthless in front of everyone. And Dale looks like he’s fighting back tears. (Geez, will someone just cry already!?)

Scott is expressing some insecurity about his body to the girls on the set, saying that he’s not insecure about his good looks, but that he’s “no Adonis” when it comes to the muscles. Um, understatement of the year?

But back to Dale. He’s pretty spineless when it comes to telling Scott off; he could have made a pretty dramatic exit, but instead he tells Scott that he needs to talk to him — right in the middle of the shoot. Dale tells him off (sort of, but not really) and Scott says, in so many words, that he doesn’t have time to placate his feelings. So Dale quits. But it could have been so much juicier! Instead, he takes off down the street and leaves Scott standing there.

That night, Scott gets a talking to from Kim and has a change of heart about Dale. So he meets him in a coffee shop the next morning and apologizes — imagine that! And asks Dale if he’s ready to come back! Then comes the best part of the show: Dale calls Scott “an egotistical, pompous a**hole” and walks out. And we collectively cheer! GO DALE!

All in all, every single person in this episode acted about 20 years younger than their chronological age. But the winner of our unofficial immaturity contest is definitely Scott. Dale is the loser of the immaturity contest — because he was the most mature of anyone. Yes, he’s a wuss, but he was professional, proper, and appropriate throughout. Clearly, he’s too good for bratty, big-headed Scott. He’ll be hard pressed to find another Dale anywhere!

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