Scott Foley Gets Grilled by THIS Famous Face for Scandal Spoilers! (VIDEO)

Scott Foley has a pretty cushy gig on Scandal, with Season 3's second half seeing Scott take over B-613 as Jake Ballard.

And now that he has the highest security clearance of anyone in the entire United States, one famous gal is pretty positive that Scott also has the secrets to the spoilers that have addicts trying to buy the news on the TV black market.

When the Felicity alum stopped by Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live for a friendly chat, he got more than he bargained for. Supermodel and host of The Face reality show and modeling competition Naomi Campbell is a huge fan of the show. Is there a baby on the way for someone this season? Does Olivia Pope's mom, Maya/Marie return? Those were just a couple of questions Naomi wanted access too.

And come to think of it, we're wondering the same things! Last we saw Liv's mom, she was calling the D.C. fixer from a burner while standing outside of the White House! And since O.P.A. prides themselves on knowing everything before we do, we're hoping that they'll get a tip that the beautiful terrorist is hanging around town for some reason. Oh, and come to think of it, since Cap'n Jake knows everything himself, perhaps he'll be the one to deliver the bad news to Olivia... because their relationship isn't complicated enough already.

Check out the video to find out how Scott handled the interrogation and tune in to Scandal for the back half of Season 3, every Thursday night at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.