Scott Gimple Praises The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus: “He Always Surprises Me”
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Scott Gimple Praises The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus: “He Always Surprises Me”

Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) is certainly easy on the eyes, but it’s important to remember that in addition to his model looks (Norman actually was a model) this guy is also one hell of an actor. He’s been praised by co-stars like Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes), and now showrunner Scott Gimple is telling the Los Angeles Times why he appreciates Norman so much.

Though The Walking Dead’s third showrunner repeated the refrain that no one is “untouchable in this universe,” he praised Norman for all he brings to the role of Daryl. "Whenever I see Norman do something, it's always in a way that I didn't expect or didn't predict," Scott said. "He always surprises me, but it's always appropriate to the character.”

Throughout the first few seasons of the show Daryl was more of a background character, but after Shane’s death he stepped up and really became Rick’s right hand man. Once Season 4 began, Daryl had proven himself to be an extremely valuable member of Team Prison. "Daryl has finally found a sense of self-worth," Norman noted. "He has learned it's OK to be himself, and he's found people who trust and rely on him.”

Scott agrees. “A big part of the first half of the season was seeing Daryl finally find his place," he pointed out. "Before the apocalypse, he was not such a beloved figure, but he had crossed over to the other side. He had a whole new identity, even love, with this established family."

But in the aftermath of the deadly midseason finale, Daryl’s world has been turned upside down. He’s lost his home and family and, as executive producer Robert Kirkman has already pointed out, he’s in the midst of an identity crisis that could endanger Beth Greene (Emily Kinney)

"Now all of that has been taken away from him in the most brutal way," Scott added. "All that makes a huge impression on him — he's lost the situation where he had the best identity he had.”

It remains to be seen if and how Daryl will pull through this dilemma, but we certainly hope he finds a way back to his old self. He makes the show worth watching each week!

What do you think of Scott’s praise for Norman: Is it warranted? Tell us below!

The Walking Dead Season 4 airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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