Scott Gimple: The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere Is “Epic, Intimate, Emotional, Insane”
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The Walking Dead

Scott Gimple: The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere Is “Epic, Intimate, Emotional, Insane”

By now we've heard that The Walking Dead Season 5 premiere will be "by far the biggest" and most ambitious episode ever.

It'll be like a mini-movie in scope and story, giving us a ton of answers on Terminus and its inhabitants. And some of what happens in Episode 1 will be so disturbing the cast can't believe it'll make it to TV. (It may or may not be super-sized to 90 minutes, but don't hold your breath.)

Showrunner Scott Gimple shared more premiere and Season 5 teases to TV Guide magazine (via a handy fan on Spoil the Dead).

The action of Season 5 picks up immediately after the Season 4 cliffhanger in Terminus, TV Guide notes, with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) going back into his (Ricktator!) leadership role. "He does feel affection for a great number of people in the railcar, so he's going to harness his more savage and brutal side to protect them," Scott said. A previous tease about the eventual Terminus escape noted that “It is through ingenuity and creativity and somewhat savageness that they are able to make their way out of that train car.”

Scott added more on the topic of Terminus: "We're going to learn a lot more about it, and it's going to have far-reaching effects on our characters this season. [The premiere] is epic, intimate, emotional, insane, bloody and — hopefully — surprising."

Scott also shared some perspective on the overall Season 5 theme: "The season is about who these characters have become. They have survived getting out of the prison, they've been on these journeys and they're going to be facing some pretty heavy stuff that is going to define who they are as people moving forward."

(Comic book fans may have enjoyed his wording there, since Volume 10 of The Walking Dead comics is called "What We Become." It comes right before "Fear The Hunters," which is right around where we are in the remix of the comic storyline.)

Are you ready for an epic, intimate (possibly claustrophobic), insane, bloody and surprising first episode?

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.

Source: Spoil the Dead

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