Scott Gimple Sounds Off on The Walking Dead’s Popularity, Celebrity Walkers
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The Walking Dead

Scott Gimple Sounds Off on The Walking Dead’s Popularity, Celebrity Walkers

The Walking Dead was pretty much a successful show from Day One, but each year its fanbase has grown exponentially — and Season 4 was a record breaker on more than one account. Many have speculated why the AMC drama has become such a hit in recent years, and now current showrunner Scott Gimple is putting his two cents in.

Scott was asked about the show’s success and mass appeal in a fan Q&A via and here’s what he had to say: ”I would say there’s nothing else like it on TV. The comic book is incredibly popular too, and I think there is something about the situation. If you have characters that you love, I think that hopefully is part of it — people really like the characters. They see themselves in one of the characters or all of the characters and they get to ask themselves what they would do in similar situations. There are a lot of very difficult things to think about – even when you turn off the TV, a lot of times.

We totally agree with Scott. The characters are interesting, and they are made even more compelling by the fact that they are forced to continuously evolve in this world. Take Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), for example. That guy has been through so many reincarnatios (farmer, Ricktator) that we’re affraid we’ll lose count soon. He’s also on point when he notes that TWD doesn’t end once the TV goes off. We think about it all day, everyday because it’s just that intriguing!

And even though TWD may not get the award show love we think it deserves, many celebs still follow the AMC drama and a few have even asked if they could play walkers. When asked about celebs wanting to be on the show Scott dished, “There are requests, but generally it doesn’t happen too much. It’s a very difficult job and it takes a certain amount of training and endurance. Put it this way: If there were celebrities that did sneak onto the show somehow, we wouldn’t tell you.”

Ha! Always with the intrigue this guy. Have you spotted any celeb walkers on TWD or is Scott just playing with us? Sound off below!

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October 2014 on AMC.


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