Sea Snail Emerges From Wound on Little Boy’s Knee (VIDEO)
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Sea Snail Emerges From Wound on Little Boy’s Knee (VIDEO)

Between bullying, school shooting, and communicable diseases, it’s scary enough to raise children these days. But no one could possibly have expected what happened to the Franklin family after their 4-year-old son, Paul, fell and scraped his knee on a camping trip to the beach. As Paul’s dad explained, they did what any parent would have done. They cleaned the wound and put a Band-Aid on it.

A few weeks later, however, Paul’s mom, Rachel Franklin, said they were worried he might have had a dangerous staph infection. As the Aliso Viejo, CA, mom explained, his knee was the size of an orange and hot to the touch. Paul was also limping. When the wound became black, she decided to drain it, and that’s when little “Turbo” popped out. At least that’s what they’ve dubbed the miniscule sea snail that emerged from the scrape on Paul’s knew. Say it with us — “ewwwww!”

Rachel thought it was a rock at first, but realized what it was once she turned it over. She put it in water and that’s when she saw it move. Paul, who said it had “felt itchy,” was delighted to hold on to the keepsake, despite the bad memories associated with it.

We don’t know the science behind how that happened, and we really don’t want to know, but we’re glad the little guy (and the little bugger) are okay.


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08.19.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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