Seal Apologizes For Twitter “Rant” Against Joel Madden’s Australian Pot Bust
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Seal Apologizes For Twitter “Rant” Against Joel Madden’s Australian Pot Bust

Seal’s nose is out of joint over Joel Madden’s joint bust in Sydney.

Joel was reportedly kicked out of his Australian hotel after an employee found marijuana in his room. Joel posted a simple statement on the matter, saying he appreciated how the police handled things, adding that Sydney is his adopted hometown.

Joel is a coach on The Voice Australia, along with Seal — and Seal was not quite as calm about the situation. He unleashed via Twitter on behalf of his friend, issuing angry tweets directed at the Australian media (and hotel) for putting Joel on the front page for having weed.

Seal Apologizes For Twitter “Rant” Against Joel Madden’s Australian Pot Bust
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E! News has screen shots of Seal's now-deleted tweets. The British singer wrote, copying The Voice Australia and Joel's Twitter handles:

"All my Brother has done since he's been here is serve this country by attending numerous kids hospitals ... across the nation with his authenticity and heart. Yet having a joint in the privacy of his hotel room is worthy of front page news??? Way to respect a guest in your country trash media, way to make us feel welcome. Keep it up ... sure we'll be back next year. And yes, I say we because it's just a matter of time before you gun us all down. Hell, you even it you're [sic] own @DeltaGoodrem who's a national treasure!! It's a shame. I for one will not stand by and watch you attempt to destroy my Brother, you gun one you gun us all! ... you ask him to meet n greet a cancer victim in your hotel then send police to his rom?? Nice ... very classy.. keep it up Judas. I'm done here. can't wait to go home."


Those tweets are now gone. Seal replaced them with these notes: "I want to apologise for my rant earlier. Joel is one of my best friends and I was really hurting for him. I want to say I have loved being in Australia, I’ve loved working on The Voice and with an incredibly talented group of Australian artists. It’s been almost 11 weeks away from my kids and me saying 'I can’t wait to go home' was me missing being home with them."

Seal's a good friend for standing up for his buddy in such a passionate way, but maybe he needs some yoga or one little chill pill to take the edge off. And was all that "gun us all down" stuff really necessary? It kinda distracted from his point, that the hotel and Aussie media made too big a deal out of Joel's joint, letting that overshadow his many other good deeds in Sydney.

Sources: E! News, @Seal

06.12.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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