Dancing With the Stars 2014: Sean Avery Says Fight With Producer Is Reason He Went Home
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars 2014: Sean Avery Says Fight With Producer Is Reason He Went Home

Why was Sean Avery the second celeb to leave Dancing With the Stars Season 18? We weren’t too surprised to see him go last night, since he was just above fellow eliminee Diana Nyad on the leaderboard, and Billy Dee Williams was the underdog of the week (and he brought Ewoks).

But Sean doesn’t seem to think other celebs’ likability or his own somber demeanor were major reasons for his double elimination departure.

After the Week 2 show, Sean tweeted, "I will tell everyone on #GMA tomorrow why i was voted off......my partner @Karina_Smirnoff is AMAZING." (Sean also re-tweeted buddy Andy Cohen's rants about how Sean was robbed, it’s not fair to have ice dancers, and the show makes no effing sense.)

On GMA, Sean said he had a conversation with DWTS executive producer Conrad Green, saying he wasn't happy with the Week 1 behind-the-scenes video package making him seem like a bad boy. Sean does have a history of controversial comments from his pro hockey days, and why he would be surprised or upset to see it on the show is a mystery. It’s drama! And it’s his own words! But Sean told GMA he figured, after that his talk with the showrunner, he and Karina Smirnoff were toast.

"I think that in reality TV or some sort of competition, if you have a disagreement with the producer then generally that's the end of your fate quite early. I think we had a pretty good idea."

Awkward! No one on GMA wanted to follow-up on that, perhaps not wanting to dig into the drama, since GMA and DWTS are both ABC shows and GMA anchor Robin Roberts is actually going to guest judge on DWTS this coming week.

DWTS celebs and pros regularly get frustrated by what the producers choose to show in the video packages, and we can’t blame them for wishing they could be portrayed in a more accurate (and positive) light. But is that really why Sean left, or did viewers just vote for celebs who are better fits for the show? He went on DWTS to support his charity (Friends in Deed) but he looked really uncomfortable in the Disney happy DWTS ballroom and that kind of feeling translates easily across TVs.

Do you think Sean’s “disagreement” with the showrunner had a hand in his elimination or is he misreading what happened? Poor Karina...

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