Sean & Catherine Hang With Craig Robinson: “They Seemed…” — Exclusive
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Sean & Catherine Hang With Craig Robinson: “They Seemed…” — Exclusive

Sean Lowe and Catherine Guidici are finally having some alone time, now that his Dancing With The Stars stint is over and their Bachelor hubbub is dying down in favor of The Bachelorette. While the couple’s continued fame and adorableness means they’ll likely maintain a firm hold on the spotlight for a while, we’re hoping these two will get a chance to be just regular folk. In fact, they’ve even mentioned that a vacation may be in the works.

Sean & Catherine Hang With Craig Robinson: “They Seemed…” — Exclusive
Credit: Courtesy of Craig Robinson    

In the meantime, Sean and Catherine still have some appearances to make — including one this Memorial Day weekend at Pool, a club at Harrah’s, where they met up with one of our favorite Bachelorettealums, Craig Robinson. Fans will remember Craig as the funny guy who managed to keep everyone laughing on Ali Fedotowsky’s season, despite the drama that ensued on Season 6 of the show.

“They were great. Catherine was even cooler than I imagined,” Craig spills to Wetpaint Entertainment of the happy couple.

Just as we like to test our friends’ significant others, Craig put Catherine to the test. “She and I bonded on the dance floor. I always judge a woman by how she handles being dipped so low that her hair skims the ground, and she handled it like a champ,” he tells us. It’s a perfect test for the dance-minded duo, who have been living and breathing the disco ball for the last couple months. But this is no surprise, considering even Sean’s partner Peta mentioned how baller a dancer Catherine is.

Any juicy breakup gossip from Craig? Not so much. “They were really happy — I’ve hung with Sean before and he’s the man, but I had never met her and she was awesome. Great personality. I think they are happy together.”

For good measure, Craig told us something that really makes our black hearts beat again: “Their chemistry reminded me of Ash[ley Hebert] and J.P. [Rosenbaum] so hopefully things will work out as well as they did for them.”