3 Ways ‘Celebrity Wife Swap’ Portrayed Sean & Catherine Lowe All Wrong
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Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici

3 Ways ‘Celebrity Wife Swap’ Portrayed Sean & Catherine Lowe All Wrong


Catherine and Sean Lowe traded places with Molly and Jason Mesnick on Celebrity Wife Swap’s July 29 episode and fans are kind of freaking out. Catherine irons Sean's socks and gets a daily to-do list? They never venture out for different kinds of dates? And worse — they eat flavorless ground meat?! Well, this is TV and, unlike the Lowes's dinners, producers had to make the episode super juicy somehow. But we're here to defend SeanCat despite the show's editing.

Here are three reasons why their relationship may have been portrayed the wrong way:

1) They Eat More Than Just Ground Turkey

Sure, the show made it seem like the Lowes only eat bland broccoli and ground turkey sans salt, but we have a feeling they branch out a little more than that. Catherine even fed Sean ice cream on The Bachelor and that was during Sean's prime shirtless phase! He also ate a piece of pie in the Instagram above, so we don't think it's all veggies and protein all the time for this couple.

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2) Their Dates Get Pretty Adventurous

On the show, it seemed the most exciting Sean and Catherine get for date night is going to their local restaurants in Dallas, Texas. But their Instagrams would say otherwise! These two have gone on some cool dates recently, including one where they flew together on a private plane and another on a ropes course! We wonder why Celebrity Wife Swap left those tidbits out...

Date night.

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Come Fly With Me

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The 25ft Pole // Step 1: climb it, Step 2: jump

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3) They Spend a Lot of Time Together

The episode made it look like Catherine stays home, irons socks, and cooks dinner while Sean is out working and playing football with his friends. But in reality, it seems like the pair spends a lot of quality time as a couple. And Catherine isn't the only one to make dinner. Just look at the pics below!

Summer, tank tops, grilling, 'Merica.

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Suited and booted (and tooted).

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