Inside Desiree Hartsock’s Gorgeous SeanCat Wedding Style Secrets! Exclusive
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Desiree Hartsock

Inside Desiree Hartsock’s Gorgeous SeanCat Wedding Style Secrets! Exclusive

It’s an awkward thing to show up at your ex’s wedding, but Season 9 Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock handled it beautifully. And we’re not just talking about the graceful way she and fiancé Chris Siegfried were able to put aside any past she had with groom Sean Lowe — we mean her amazing style and glamour!

The new Seattle resident and her tall, dark, and handsome date took extra strides to dress to the nines for the big day. While Chris got help from Nordstrom to design a custom suit, Desiree made her own dress — and got the hookup from KV Bijou’s Kelsey Vanderhorst for her understated jewelry.

Kelsey tells Wetpaint Entertainment all about the process that went into selecting the right jewels to go with Des’s backless, handmade red dress. But the stylish jewelry designer also had plenty of background on Desiree’s taste, considering she hooked her up with lots of the gorgeous goods she rocked during her starring stint.

Inside Desiree Hartsock’s Gorgeous SeanCat Wedding Style Secrets! Exclusive
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“I brought along jewellery that I knew she'd like and pieces that would pair well with her dress. Most of the jewellery I brought were new designs not even available to the public yet. Always fun to showcase new designs in unique ways,” Kelsey tells Wetpaint about adding her new gold pieces to the table. Her KV Bijou line had previously specialized mainly in silver and colorful gems, but the new golden goods are even fancier.

Kelsey explains the process: “Once she showed me her dress and tried it on, we were both pretty quick with knowing exactly which we thought would look best. There were a few pieces that we were going back and forth on, but the Crimson Ruby earrings [$115] jumped out at us right away.

“We loved the deep red faceted ruby gemstones and the long teardrop shape was perfect [with the backless gown’s shape]. The Denae Ring [$95] added a delicate sparkle to her right hand and paired well with the gold accents on her clutch. Both these pieces complemented her dress perfectly.”

Inside Desiree Hartsock’s Gorgeous SeanCat Wedding Style Secrets! Exclusive
Credit: Mindy Weiss on Instagram    

It would be hard to top the incredible Neil Lane ring Des was sporting on her other hand, but the earrings and ring they chose seemed to push her over the edge into full on glamazon. As for the dress, Desiree worked down to the wire to finish it, even tweeting on January 23, “Finally, just finished my dress for this weekend! Talk about last minute. Pheww!”

Kelsey definitely took Des’ custom creation into consideration when making her selections. “The lines of her silk dress were very modern and streamline from the front and the back adds a sexy edge to it. The lace detailing on the straps are such a feminine touch.”

Kelsey’s goal, she tells us, was to find something Des would “be comfortable in and feel beautiful wearing. Semi-precious gemstones add a sense elegance and glamour.”

We didn’t get to see it all up close and personal like Kelsey, but from the gorgeous shots we have seen of Desiree’s look, we’d say she and Kelsey did an amazing job! What do you think of Desiree’s dress and jewelry?

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