Sean and Catherine’s Wedding: 10 Things to Know About the Live Bachelor Event
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Sean Lowe

Sean and Catherine’s Wedding: 10 Things to Know About the Live Bachelor Event

January 26 better be on your calendar, because that’s when our lives are over Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici get hitched. On TV. If this is the first you’re hearing about it, well, that’s cray, but we’re here to catch you up right now. Here are ten quick things to know about their wedding.

1. It’s on this Sunday, January 26 at 8 p.m. on ABC, and it’s live.
The fourth big Bachelor Nation wedding, and first one to be aired live. Why live? Great question, but we’re hoping it has all the awkwardness of a live musical event.

2. Sean and Catherine met on The Bachelor Season 17
Even though Sean admitted on the Bachelor 2014 premiere that he didn’t really notice Catherine until week 3 or 4 or so, once she got in his sights, he didn’t let her go.

3. ABC is paying for the wedding and paying SeanCat too!
Just like the rest of the weddings they’ve shown on the tele, ABC paid for all the bells and whistles for this one, which takes place at the Four Seasons Resort Biltmore, and even spotted Sean and Catherine a six-figure check to open their guest list to everyone with a TV.

4. The reception WON’T be televised
We’ve heard a ton about how the reception will be “one big party,” but unfortunately we’re not invited. Sean told a fan on his Twitter that only the ceremony is being broadcast. Which brings us to…

5. But Sunday’s special includes more than just the ceremony
We’ll get to go wedding dress shopping with Catherine, watch her get her hair and makeup done, find out how they picked their flower arrangements, and chose a cake. But if you’re hoping for footage from their bachelor and bachelorette parties, you’re out of luck.

6. Tons of Bachelor Nation familiar faces will be there
While an insider says that Emily Maynard is a persona non grata, a ton of Bachelor Nation folks will be in attendance. ABC says the guest list includes Trista and Ryan Sutter (Bachelorette 1), Ashley and J.P. Rosenbaum (Bachelorette 7), Jason and Molly Mesnick (Bachelor 13), Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried (Bachelorette 9), Deanna (Bachelorette 4) and Stephen Stagliano, Juan Pablo Galavis (Bachelor 18), Lesley Murphy (Bachelor 17), Arie Luyendyk, Jr. (Bachelorette 8), Jef Holm (Bachelorette 8), John Wolfner (Bachelorette 8), Charlie Grogan (Bachelorette 8), and Daniella McBride (Bachelor 17).

7. The theme is “Grown Sexy”
We’d be lying if we said we knew exactly what that means, but it’s Catherine’s term, and ABC says the wedding will be full of “touches of metallic gold” to remind them of where they fell in love, Thailand.

8. Chris Harrison is not officiating the wedding
While Chris Harrison will be hosting the shenanigans for the big night, he isn’t doing the marrying part like he did for Ashley and J.P.’s December 2012 wedding. Why? Because Sean’s dad is a minister and will be doing the honors.

9. Catherine will be wearing Monique Lhuillier!
On Sunday’s special, we’ll go into the Monique Lhuillier atelier where Catherine will meet the designer and pick out her dress, shoes, and the bridesmaids dresses for her party. We’ll just be over here, pretending we’re not jealous.

10. It’s on opposite the Grammys.
Not ideal to be sure, but we highly recommend you watch the first live Bachelor wedding the way it’s intended — live, that is — and DVR the Grammys so you can skip through all the boring parts.

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