Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici News of the Week — April 12, 2013
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The Bachelor

Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici News of the Week — April 12, 2013

Bachelor Sean Lowe and his gorgeous fiancée, Catherine Giudici, have had a busy week of staring lovingly into each other's eyes, not having sex (Sean's a reclaimed virgin), and dressing in their finest for Sean's weekly sashay sessions on Dancing With The Stars. Basically, their life is a whirlwind of wonderful, and we can barely keep up!

We've rounded up this week's breaking Sean and Catherine news so you can stay in the loop when it comes to this hot couple's love journey — and don't forget to read this list with a rose between your teeth!

April 8 — Sean Meets Catherine's Dad!
Sean and Catherine recently had breakfast with Catherine's family, and it couldn't have gone better! At least according to Sean's Instagram picture of himself, Catherine, and her family pouting at the camera with the ironic caption, "Breakfast with my future in-laws obviously went well." Pranks, guys! We're thrilled that Catherine and Sean are getting some bonding time in with her family. Also, notice the way she's caressing his abs? Do you, girl.

April 8 — Sean's "Favorite Person Ever" Isn't Catherine!
Move over, Catherine. The Bachelor's Sean Lowe is crushing on a new blond bombshell — Dancing With The Stars contestant Andy Dick! Andy and Sean are both competing on the current season of DWTS, and you know what they say. Those who sashay together, stay together. "Possibly my favorite person ever," Sean posted on Instagram, along with a photo of himself and Andy. Sigh, these two.

April 9 — Sean Dedicates Dance to Catherine: "I Owe Her Everything"
Sean is more than a little grateful to Catherine for sticking by his side despite his rigorous schedule on DWTS, and he devoted his April 8 performance, "The Best Years of Their Lives," to his main squeeze. "This dance definitely holds extra meaning for me," Sean said on the show. "Because I owe everything to Catherine for putting her life on hold to come down to L.A. to support me." Could this professional hip shaker be more adorable?

April 9 — Catherine Giudici: "Sean Lowe Is The Best Thing To Happen To Me"
Despite his slightly off-beat footwork, Sean is doing surprisingly well on DWTS, and after he devoted his April 8 performance, "The Best Years of Their Lives," to Catherine, he planted a kiss on her lips at the end of the show — which naturally brought her to tears. "My honey is so sweet," she tweeted on April 9. "Made me tear up and ish. Gosh darn it that man is romantic... Best thing to happen to me @SeanLowe09." We're right there with you, girl.

April 9 — Sean Lowe: "My Wedding To Catherine Guidici Will Be A Big Party!"
Ever since announcing their intention to get married on national TV, Sean Lowe and Catherine have been relatively mum about exactly when we'll be watching them exchange "I do"s. In a recent post-Dancing With The Stars interview , Sean and Catherine look majorly in love and managed to disclose one wedding detail: They plan on it being a big party. Okay, not really a detail, but definitely a solid start to a plan.

April 11 — Ashley Hebert: Sean and Catherine Should "Absolutely Get Married On TV!"
Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum are bonafide experts when it comes to wedded bliss, and Ashley firmly believes that Sean and Catherine should “absolutely get married on TV.” Meanwhile, J.P. adds that he "had nothing but a positive, beautiful experience.” Um, duh he did!|