Sean Lowe to Andi Dorfman: “Josh Murray Is Not Your Soul Mate”
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Sean Lowe to Andi Dorfman: “Josh Murray Is Not Your Soul Mate”

The Bachelor Season 17 star Sean Lowe has certainly found lasting love with his Final Rose choice and now-wife Catherine Lowe (formerly Giudici). So when he gives relationship advice, we tend to tune in. And maybe Andi Dorfman should too, because in his latest blog post, he’s speaking directly to her — and he says her final pick, Josh Murray, is not her soulmate. What the what?

Sean Lowe to Andi Dorfman: “Josh Murray Is Not Your Soul Mate”
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Well, it’s not as bad as all that. Sean basically says he doesn’t believe in the concept of soulmates (even with Cat?!?!) and that his advice is intended to help Andi see the hard — but totally worth it — work she has ahead of her to make her relationship with Josh go the distance.

“What Andi and Josh don’t know is that they are just now embarking on the hard part,” Mr. Abstastic writes. “Nobody told Catherine and me that our toughest challenge would come after we rode those elephants off into the sunset. Falling in love while globetrotting the world was the easy part. Learning how to love someone you’ve spent a collective 20 hours with is the really hard part.” #Truth, and maybe the secret to why so many Bachelor/ette couples don’t last...

So where does the whole soulmate thing come into play? Sean continues, “If I had the chance to give Andi and Josh some advice after the fact? I think I’d tell them that the post-show / pre-marriage time frame will be one of the most challenging. But mainly, I’d tell them not to elevate the other to the level of ‘soul mate.’ It sets everyone up for unrealistic expectations and emphasizes the romance over the hard work of building a relationship.”

Thankfully, Andi and Josh are both Atlantans so their relationship already has a leg up on past showmances — they’re able to see one another every day instead of making kissy faces via Skype, which just doesn’t have quite the same feel to it, amirite? Here’s hoping they take Sean’s advice to heart now that the cameras have stopped rolling and the globetrotting has come to an end!

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