Are Sean and Catherine Lowe Ready For a Baby? They Say…
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Catherine Giudici

Are Sean and Catherine Lowe Ready For a Baby? They Say…

Just a couple weeks ago, Season 17’s Bachelor Sean Lowe and wife Catherine Giudici (now Lowe) teased us with a photo of the pair holding a baby and captioned “We have big news!” Our ovaries tingled with delight, but alas, the babe turned out to be a friend’s and SeanCat were not announcing they’d adopted or decided to start a family.

So when will the telegenic twosome let baby fever take hold? Well, probably not anytime soon. In an interview with ABC News, Cat said neither Lowe had caught the baby “bug” as of yet. She went on to say "We admire babies and children. We look at them and say, 'I like you,' but it's not in our hearts yet." This is a change in tune from six months ago when the 28-year-old said she was itching to get started on Lowe junior within the year.

We can probably chalk the no baby decision up to the busy travel schedule the pair keep — they’re popular speakers on the church circuit.

C.Lowe does give us a glimmer of hope though, saying of their far off baby plans, "We talk about it constantly though. I'm really curious to see what [our kids] look like!" We are too! Will they be blonde like Sean, get Cat’s darker hue, or will it be an adorable combo of both? Hurry up guys, we need to know!

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Source: ABC News