Oh No! What Happened To Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici’s Dogs?!
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Oh No! What Happened To Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici’s Dogs?!

Sean Lowe and his Bachelor bride-to-be, Catherine Guidici, are waiting to pop out a whack pack of kiddos, but fear not. They get plenty of practice being parents thanks to Sean's adorable dogs, Lola the Boxer and Ellie the Labrador! It's no secret that Sean is obsessed with his four-legged friends (he's even on record saying "The girl I'm dating must be into my dogs... I'm certainly not going to replace them with any woman"), and Catherine's right there with him!

The bad news? Sean's pups smell disgusting. No seriously, these poor critters reek. "Both dogs just got sprayed by a skunk," Sean tweeted on June 27. "This is bad."

Wait, don't Sean and Catherine currently live in Los Angeles? Who knew Tinsel Town had skunks wandering through the streets?! "yes LA has skunks," Sean explained. "So bad!!"

Unfortunately, Sean's natural rose-scented body aroma was no match for his furry friends' stench, but fear not! He managed to get the situation under control thanks to the help of some tomato juice. "Dogs are taken care of after bathing them with both tomato juice and hydrogen peroxide + baking soda," Sean followed up (thank God, we were so worried). "Now to get the smell out of the house."

Poor Sean. His life is so hard — much like his six pack. Though, we tend to agree with Bachelorette producer Elan Gale's theory that Seany's pets were skunked as payback for Sean's "v neck hubris."

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