Sean Lowe And Catherine Giudici Got Married on TV! Would You?
Credit: Todd Wawrychuk/ABC Television Group © 2014 Disney    


Sean Lowe And Catherine Giudici Got Married on TV! Would You?

They did it! Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici got married! (What did you think we were saying, pervs?) And we have to admit, seeing those crazy kids tie the knot live on TV definitely thawed our freezer-burnt hearts a teensy bit, even if it was a little weird stopping a wedding ceremony for commercial breaks.

But while SeanCat’s wedding was tailor-made for TV (that is where they met, after all), we couldn’t help but wonder what fans thought of the idea for their own big day. That’s why Wetpaint asked Viggle users who tuned in for the special whether they would ever broadcast their own nuptials.

Turns out, folks who watched at home are pretty divided on the issue! While nearly 46 percent thought the idea sounds like a blast, 54 percent responded “not a chance” to the prospect of their wedding becoming a nationally televised event.

However, we’re pretty certain the scales would tip way more in favor of marrying on TV if everyday joes and janes got the same payout Sean and Catherine reportedly received. Not only was their entire wedding paid for, with an estimated $250,000 price tag), but the couple is said to have received a six-figure payout in exchange for allowing their swanky “grown sexy” shindig to be aired on ABC.

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