See Bachelor Sean Lowe Shop for Catherine Giudici’s Wedding Night Lingerie
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The Bachelor

See Bachelor Sean Lowe Shop for Catherine Giudici’s Wedding Night Lingerie

Watch the sky for fireworks this Sunday night, ‘cause Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici are finally hitting the "consummation station" — and she’ll be doin’ it in style.

The Bachelor wedding airs live on ABC this sexy Funday, January 26, and Yahoo shared a preview video of Sean shopping for lingerie, then showing it to his future bride.

Sean is a super hot piece of mancandy, but he's also a born-again virgin and they’ve been saving the nookie for their status as newlyweds. Total respect for that move! But Sean had never shopped for lingerie before, and in the video he admitted he's a "beginner."

Yeah. He's more of a sweetie than a smoothie, and you can feel his awkwardness when the lady retailer points out the "easy access" of one slinky piece. Ahem! But he literally skips down the street after buying the sexy clothes.

"Our wedding day is such a special day for Catherine and I," Sean tells the camera. "I can't wait to see her in this lingerie on our wedding night." He feigns looking at his watch. "How many days are left?" Three, buddy!

The video also shows Sean giving Cat her new teddies. She giggles as he points out that one comes with stockings. "You chose red!" she says, laughing. "Well," he admits, "that's more for, like, me!" Hey, maybe he's not such a beginner after all!

These two are too cute, and soooooo ready for that wedding night. Baby Lowe, can we pencil you in for this time next year?

Source: Yahoo