Sean Lowe Made Catherine Giudici Swoon with What Romantic Gesture?
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Sean Lowe Made Catherine Giudici Swoon with What Romantic Gesture?

She’s rubbing it in again! It’s not enough for Catherine Giudici to be engaged to genetic gift Sean Lowe, she has to make sure we know how lucky she is — and by extension, how much we’re missing by not having the Bachelor on our arms.

On Saturday, July 27, Catherine tweeted, “As if I'm not already obsessed with the man, Sean comes home with a song he's dedicated to me. Swoon.”

So sweet! She didn’t share details on the song — if it was “Get Lucky” that could just be a hint — but perhaps Sean was inspired by The Bachelorette’s musical penguin Zak Waddell, who seemed inspired by Jillian Harris’s country cad Wes Hayden on last week’s “Men Tell All” special. Serenading a lady rarely fails to produce a good swoon. (Bachelorette 6/Bachelor Pad 2’s Kasey Kahl being an obvious exception.) Obviously SeanCat should record this new song and make a video, which we can watch on repeat until they play it at their televised wedding — which is still coming next year, right?

Our jealousy aside, good for Sean for keeping the spark alive with these romantic gestures. The man could probably coast along on his looks and charm, but he’s putting effort into the relationship so Catherine knows she’s still his #1, long after the cameras are off. That’s a good sign. Just please stop here before heading into poetry. That could ruin everything.

Source: @clmgiudici