Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici’s Summer Travel Plans!
Credit: Catherine Giudici on Twitter    

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Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici’s Summer Travel Plans!

Now that Sean Lowe's erotic pelvic thrusts on Dancing with the Stars are a thing of the past, the time has come for him to concentrate 100 percent on his relationship with The Bachelor Season 17 winner Catherine Guidici. Sure, this hot couple are preparing for their nuptials, but first on their to-do list? A relaxing vacation!

Word on the leotard-covered streets is that Sean and Catherine want to go "somewhere fun, warm and beachy" so they can take a much-needed break from the spotlight, but it looks like they won't be straying too far from home.

"We want to explore Southern California because there are a lot of little cities and towns we haven’t been to yet," Sean says. "We want to check things out."

Sean and Catherine currently live in Los Angeles (where Sean was filming Dancing With The Stars), and we're thrilled to know they'll be chillaxing on local beaches — after all, stalking their every move is way harder when they're riding around elephants in Thailand!

"I haven’t gone to the beach yet," Catherine recently mused. "So Sean and I are looking forward to going to the beach.”

Um, obviously. Who wouldn't look forward to watching Shirtless Sean Lowe and his six-pack pirouetting among the waves?

Source: Entertainmentwise