Sean Lowe Defends James Case for Wanting to be the Next Bachelor
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Sean Lowe Defends James Case for Wanting to be the Next Bachelor

Poor James Case. All this tragic soul wanted was to enjoy a leisurely conversation about seamen sexy times with his fellow Bachelorette contestant, Mikey Tenerelli, but noooooo. Turns out James and Mikey's secret convo was overheard by Drew Kenney and Kasey Stewart, who wasted no time narcing on James to Desiree Hartsock, which resulted in the most emotional episode of the season — and that's including the night when Brandon Andreen started sobbing about butterfly love.

According to Nancy Drew and his #sidekick, James came on The Bachelorette with a secret agenda to become the next Bachelor, and had no intention of winning Desiree's heart.

Up until last night, James convinced Des that he was on the show for the right reasons. But everyone else in their love shack seemed determine to hate on him — no matter how many man tears he shed!

Sadly, James was deflowered and sent home, but he does have one surprising ally in his corner. None other than Bachelor Sean Lowe, who tweeted, "What's wrong with talking about being the next bachelor? It's a pretty sweet gig."

Um, Sean? We know you enjoyed pushing ladies off mountains / subjecting them to hypothermia, but most Bachelorettes don't want to be used as a platform for fame. Also, is this beefcake saying that he secretly plotted to be Bachelor while living in Emily Maynard's man tribe? Because if so, homeboy has some serious explaining to do.

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07.2.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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