Sean Lowe Disses Ex AshLee Frazier, Calls Her a “Stage 5” Clinger
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Bachelor in Paradise

Sean Lowe Disses Ex AshLee Frazier, Calls Her a “Stage 5” Clinger

AshLee Frazier has been getting a lot of, um, attention for her performance on Monday night’s premiere episode of Bachelor in Paradise in which she appeared to be operating at DEFCON level crazy. She’s already admitted her actions were a bit over the top, and is likely hoping the media frenzy will die down. Not so fast, if ex Sean Lowe has anything to say about it.

On Tuesday, The Bachelor Season 17 lead tweeted a pretty unflattering remark about Ash, writing “Watching Paradise now. AshLee… Stage 5.” He doesn’t finish the phrase but we all know he means Stage 5 Clinger, a phrase coined in Wedding Crashers and aimed at Isla Fisher’s overly effusive and needy character.

Sean is referring, of course, to capital L claiming Graham Bunn as her property and soulmate within 24 hours on the BiP premiere. While his remark rings a bit true, it’s gotta cut a little deeper coming from someone who used to date AshLee. She made it to the final three of Sean’s season before getting eliminated during Fantasy Suite Dates. And who could forget when she then called Sean a “frat boy” during the Women Tell All Special? Woof.

Ash has dissed Sean on Twitter in the past, so maybe Mr. Abs just figures his clinger tweet was payback for that. Careful what you start guys — but really, Ash, how did Sean’s tweet make you feel? You wanna tweet him back? Cuz we’re all ears!

What do you think of Sean’s comment? Below the belt or tit for tat?

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