Sean Lowe Helps Explain Why Viewers Prefer Bachelor Over Bachelorette
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Sean Lowe Helps Explain Why Viewers Prefer Bachelor Over Bachelorette

Season 17’s Bachelor Sean Lowe has been on both sides of the bouquet toss, having been inducted into Bachelor Nation during Emily Maynard’s season of The Bachelorette before going on to be King Rose Giver himself. So it’s no surprise fans often turn to his blog for insight into the franchise.

One question he fields in his most recent post, is why ratings for The Bachelor are consistently higher than ratings for The Bachelorette. To answer that conundrum, he turns to an article from The Daily Beast, which offers three reasons why watching women compete for love is just more of a ratings win than watching men.

The first reason Sean quotes from the article is “Women don’t want to see hyper-sensitivity in men.” Remember Kasey Kahl vowing to “guard and protect” Ali Fedotowsky’s heart? Not attractive. While we may think we want the romantic comedy notion of a man who pines for us through mix tapes, when he actually comes a’knocking, we turn our gaze to the emotionally unavailable Brad Womacks of the bunch.

Reason No. 2 The Bachelorette pales in comparison to The Bachelor is that “watching guys fall in love just isn’t as interesting.” Would Nick Viall ever shout “I can’t control my eyebrows?” Probably not. Men compete through physical aggression, which they’re gonna keep in check for the cameras, while women fight through subtleties. “You smile as you quietly take somebody else’s whatever it is.” This makes watching the women strategize fascinating.

The third feather in the Bachelor’s ratings cap is that “women have more of a deadline for marriage and reproduction than men,” meaning they’re more apt to fight dirty for what they want. While women feel like their future is on the line, men know they have plenty of time to wait for the next available female. Besides, they’d rather chill with their bros than come to blows.

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Source: Sean’s Patheos blog