The Real Deal on How Sean Lowe Built a $10 Million Real Estate Empire
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Sean Lowe

The Real Deal on How Sean Lowe Built a $10 Million Real Estate Empire


How do you go back to a normal life after Bachelor or Bachelorette? Or better yet, how do you make a normal living?

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That’s one of the biggest questions fans of the franchise wonder about its stars. While a lucky few like Jillian Harris and Ali Fedotowsky were able to secure hosting gigs on HGTV and E!, respectively, most don’t continue that television career.

One person who seems to have found the right balance between fame and real life success is Sean Lowe, who explained this week how he’s forayed his “short-lived” notoriety into a thriving real estate business.

Last year, the Bachelor Season 8 star wrote in his personal blog he was working on building a real estate investment company — and it sounds like it’s since taken off!

In a think piece posted to Fortune, Sean explains how he and good friend Rogers Healy have developed “close to $10 million worth of residential and multi-family real estate” in his native Dallas.

“We’ve built and sold speculative projects so far, but we anticipate building multi-family rentals and mixed-use commercial buildings in the near future that will hopefully generate residual income and safeguard us from a downturn in the housing market,” he writes.

Sounds like he has this all thought out!

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As for how he was able to get this off the ground, the 32-year-old has no illusions about the influence from his reality TV career.

“I guess I owe most of my entrepreneurial success to The Bachelor,” he admits. “I never imagined signing up for a reality show about love would have led me to the realization of my dreams (and my wife!).”

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Thanks to a stint on Dancing With the Stars (it “came with a nice paycheck”), the wonders of Hollywood promotional parties (“sponsors pay you just for showing up”), and his New York Times best seller For the Right Reasons, the expectant dad had enough capital to build a real empire.

PHOTO: SeanCat Give First Glimpse at Baby Lowe!

Not bad for a guy who jumped between personal trainer, house flipper, insurance agent, and financial advisor — among others — in his 20s!